The catalyzing role that science & technology play in building a nation is unarguable. Nations that have nurtured S&T based ecosystem have thrived economically and socially, irrespective of their geographical size and demography. As the world is rapidly evolving into a globally connected community, the significance of a robust S&T/R&D ecosystem that propels technological products/services as solutions to common man’s need is huge.

Seen together, science and technology with its encompassing breadth of application areas can have overwhelming effect on the humanity, both from a social and economic perspective. A timely weather forecast can not only save lives but also increase yield. Similarly an off-grid clean energy solution not only creates healthier lifestyle for rural population but also adds to nation’s output by increasing productivity and quality of life.

Various governments across the globe have started focusing on policy measures that makes the S&T/R&D ecosystem conducive. The private sector has also come forth in playing a catalyzing role by bringing marketable products/services that are technology-based and offers affordable and accessible solutions.

It is in this context that it becomes imperative that global players come together to discuss areas of policy interventions and market dynamics that shall drive the S&T/R&D agenda of the government and the private sector. The role of academics in nurturing this ecosystem is also of significant importance